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Sharathon FAQ

Can I make my commitment online| What is Sharathon | What will I hear during Sharathon | How is KJOL funded | How much does it cost to operate KJOL | How much support does Sharathon generate | Where do you obtain the rest | How can I help | What is the best way to give financially | What are the commitment options | Where do I find money for a financial commitment | Where should money for my commitment not come from | How do I make a commitment to KJOL | What happens when I call | What happens after I make my commitment |Is my donation tax deductible | What happens if I can not fulfill my commitment | Can my business support KJOL | Is there another way I can help

Can I make my commitment online?

Yes! Donate to KJOL now via credit/debit card by clicking the button below.

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What is Sharathon?

Sharathon is a 3 day event during which we raise money to pay for KJOL operating expenses for the coming year.  This year it will be held March 30th-April 1st, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays and 6:00 am - 6:00 pm on Saturday.

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What will I hear during the Sharathon broadcast?

  • Exciting and inspiring stories of how God is blessing listeners
  • Prayer for listeners' needs
  • Touching stories of how KJOL is strengthening people in their walk with Jesus and pointing them to Christ
  • News of what God has done through KJOL over the past year, and plans for the coming year
  • Sharathon progress updates  (Click Here to see our current progress!)
  • Fun, excitement and inspiration with your favorite hosts!

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How is the station funded?

KJOL is Listener Supported.
That means we don't have any income from traditional sources, such as advertising. In order to stay on the air we rely on your financial support. 

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How much does it cost to operate KJOL?

A little under $26,000 is needed monthly to cover our expenses.
This includes expenses for operations, music licensing, electricity to power our transmitters and equipment, salaries, office supplies, and other related costs necessary to conduct the daily business of local Christian radio.

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How much support does Sharathon generate?

Our need for listener commitments this year is $177,000. So you can see that we need YOUR help this year if we are going to continue this local ministry!

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Where does the rest come from?

The remaining balance comes in the form of local businesses (called Business Partners) who believe in the local ministry of KJOL and choose to support it, Broadcasters who share with KJOL and listeners who support KJOL but do not commit to a Faith Promise.

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How can I help?

PRAY- Ask God what your part will be in this ministry and that others would  respond as well!
TELL OTHERS - Share the light! 
GIVE FINANCIALLY - Join the KJOL team by making a financial commitment today!

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What is the best way to give financial support?

Gifts of any amount, at any time, are always appreciated. But to help us plan for the coming year, you are encouraged to make a Commitment during Sharathon. Your financial commitment is simply a prayerful decision you make with God, trusting Him to provide beyond your needs so you can share the surplus with KJOL!

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What are the commitment options?

You may give Monthly or One-Time in any amount!

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Where do I find money for a financial commitment?

God blesses us is many ways. Think about your financial sources:

    • Money unusually attained
    • Money deliberately retained
    • Money surprisingly regained
    • Money intentionally maintained

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Where should money for your commitment NOT come from?

Please do not neglect financial obligations that come first:

  • Family needs (food, clothing, medicine)
  • Church obligations (tithe, offerings, projects)
  • Bills (housing, electric, credit payments)

Once these other things are taken care of, God can bless your commitment to KJOL.

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How do I make a commitment?

  • Pray to discover God's will.
  • Ask Him how much you should commit to KJOL during the coming year.
  • Follow His leading, even if it seems like a big stretch of faith. Consult with other family members (children talk to your parents) as needed.
  • Call KJOL (1-866-532-5565 or 254-5565) to let us know or click here now!
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What happens when I call?

  • A Volunteer will make note of your financial commitment, vital information, and other comments you may have concerning the ministry of KJOL.

  • You will be asked about your interest in receiving the monthly email newsletter from KJOL.

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What happens after I make my financial commitment?

  • KJOL will send you a confirmation of your gift, a return envelope and a thank you note!
  • Keep a written record detailing how God helps you to fulfill your commitment.
  • Thank God, in faith, for providing money for your commitment and other needs.

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Is my donation tax- deductible?

Yes! United Ministries (the non-profit organization that owns KJOL) is registered as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, so money donated to KJOL by individuals and businesses is deductible on your income tax.

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What happens if I cannot fulfill my commitment?

Your commitment to KJOL is a decision between you and God. KJOL never bills or 'nags' you about it. We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen, but we encourage you to stretch out in faith. The blessings God provides will far surpass what you give.

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Can my business support KJOL?

Yes! Email info@kjol.org for more details or call KJOL at 1-866-532-5565 or 254-5565.

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I can't afford to donate money at this time, but is there any other way I  can help?

Yes! You can be a Prayer Partner! And remember, you can give to support KJOL at any time. A financial commitment just lets us know you INTEND to give sometime during the nex year and enables us to plan accordingly.

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