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Good News Pastor:
Pray for Pastor Ray Shirley of Monument Baptist Church in Grand Junction as he presents our Good News Verses this week.  Pray for him and his staff as they seek Christ and lead their congregation to witness in their community.
Health :

Marriage & Family:

  • Pray for God's comfort for a listener grieving the loss of her mother. Pray for Christian fellowship and encouragement for this woman.-12
  • Pray for safety for a listener travling to Kansas this week. 7-16
  • Pray for safe travels for a listener heading to Salt Lake and back. 7-10
  • Pray for a mom who is seeking to have the court grant her full custody of her four children. 7-3
  • Pray for our family, that God would strengthen us as a whole and our marriage. Pray especially that we would all to make time to spend in with the Lord in scripture every day. 7-9
  • Would you kindly pray that two ladies would both have a revelation of the grace and love Jesus has for them. 7-9
  • Pray for better communication between a husband and wife. Pray for God's peace and purpose in this marriage. 7-3
  • Pray for a family seeking direction in a search for a new house. 7-3

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Nation & Military:

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