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The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. -- Hebrews 1:3
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KJOL E-Newsflash – Be Part of The Largest Upgrade Since 2001!

Everyday, listeners near you and around the world are hearing the truths and grace found in God’s Word via their mobile devices, computers, homes and cars.  We are truly grateful for the loyal prayers and investment in KJOL by our radio family!

We are taking this special opportunity to let you know about the largest equipment/studio upgrade we have made since going on the air on AM620 in 2001!  Our aim is to continue to provide the best broadcast quality and on-air sound now and into the future.  

This upgrade process will involve some temporary changes in the next few weeks to our on-air programming at various times specifically to SRN News, Chris Fabry Live, and our overnight broadcast from Moody Radio.  You may also hear intermittent dead air from time to time, and other abnormalities in programming, as engineers work to rebuild our systems. 

Background: We have been operating for the last 16+ years on Windows XP machines, some of which were built when we originally went on the air on AM620 in July of 2001.  If you aren’t aware, Windows has not been supporting XP for a couple of years now, making internet security a large concern in addition to the biggest concern – on-air intensive computer failure without the ability to replace them!  This forced us to consider upgrading our current radio automation software along with the computer hardware. So, we set about searching out the best/most cost-effective options moving forward. Ken Andrews diligently sought help from grant sources and other potential sources in order to make it possible for us to make this giant leap in our broadcast studio operations.  Our on-air staff made due with extremely slow computers, software, and the like for some years during this process and we are grateful that the Lord sustained us and the hardware during this time.

Now: The Lord is making it possible for KJOL to move into the 21st century AND remain on the air in the future…hopefully with your help!  Since radio automation software and technology is not cheap, we are asking you to consider a special contribution to this project! 

Not only will your “above and beyond” gifts make it possible for us to simply stay on the air, but they will also allow us to provide quality broadcast sound, show production, and more inviting studios as we move ahead.

Donate buttonWe hope you will take this opportunity to join us in this exciting upgrade process with a generous gift today above and beyond what you already regularly provide!  Your gifts right now to KJOL are making it possible for us to be part of transformed hearts and renewed minds well into the future! 

Designate your special gift as “New Systems Upgrade” in the memo; and mail it to 1354 East Sherwood Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81501; OR you may donate via our website with your debit/credit card. Look for the “donate” button at www.kjol.org and make your special contribution to upgrade our KJOL studios today…and thanks again!

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