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So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. -- Matthew 7:12
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Message from Dave
Temporary vs. Eternal

Is there anything better than bacon and coffee?? I write this with a grin on my face, knowing both my fondness for those two delicious items, and that I have had bad instances with both as well.  While it is not as hard to find bad coffee, I didn’t think it was possible to run into bacon I didn’t like.  Alas, the other day, I was excited about the rare treat of bacon during a weekend breakfast.  But, the first few bites at the table had the family coughing and gagging unexpectedly.  As a tragic and unfortunate flaw of the manufacturing process, the bacon in question was not just a little too salty, but there was something very wrong.  It was REALLY REALLY salty!  While the rest of the family gave up, I tried and I tried to like it.  I just couldn’t.

Life sure can throw us for a loop sometimes.  One day we are excited about little things that come our way, the next, we are coughing and gagging.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in those temporary ups and downs.  I think the temporary must be an attention seeker. 

Yet, for the believer in Jesus, to “live is Christ.” He is our all…He is our victory, our permanence, our blessing, our joy, and our fulfillment...He is life!  He is our home.

In a recent programming meeting, we continued to affirm what we have held from the start…that Christ is to be first and foremost, front and center over all else that comes across this station.  We are excited that our listeners can encounter Christ every time they turn on their radio!  Is that something you are excited about? Perhaps could align with?  Perhaps support? 

You know, with our Spring Friendraiser wrapped up, and having not met our budgetary goals for April, this month of May will be pivotal for KJOL financially.  We could really use your prayerful financial support and commitment right now.   Please consider making an ongoing commitment at www.kjol.org.  And thanks so much for your dedication to Local Christian Radio! 

In His Service Together,

Dave Andrews-Dave Andrews
Station Manager
KJOL Radio/United Ministries

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