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Message from Dave
Change...it's good!

It has been one month since I took over as Station Manager of our local Christian radio station, and it has been quite busy! I want to thank those who have warmly welcomed me into this position, as well as sent notes of encouragement to The Grand Station Manager Emeritus, Ken Andrews. While many of you are likely to have heard me on the air for the past 12 years, you may or may not know too much about me personally. 

I grew up in Grand Junction, watching my dad build KJOL over the years, and then subsequently rebuild it into what it is today.  I attended a local private school until graduation, when I “left home” and attended Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO.  After 4 years, I graduated with a degree in “Global Studies,” a Minor in Biblical Studies and Concentration in International Diplomacy.  A few years later, I met a beautiful Godly Christian woman in Texas, who spelled her name with two “U”s. I was thankfully able to convince Susun to marry me and move to Colorado (grateful for those diplomacy classes).  She and I have been married for going on 5 years soon; and we have two extremely beautiful and bright children…Elias (3 ½ years) and Ellianna (1 year old). 

I am also very excited and grateful for this new milestone in my life…taking on a larger role here at KJOL. 

As I told the staff recently, the vision for the years to come is simply put…depth, and ministry.  Our mission statement remains the same: to instruct and uplift the believer in the ways of truth and righteousness, and to present the Gospel to the unbeliever.  That means we continue to keep Jesus center stage in all we do here at KJOL.  He truly is the solution to the problems our communities face.  We hope that you hear the Good News of Jesus often on our station, that you use KJOL to help focus your mind on Christ, and then subsequently be even better equipped for service for His Kingdom. 

I would love to ask you to pray for us…it’s a very busy time here.  We are going from one big project to the next, and every one of us are working very hard behind the scenes to provide what we provide for you every day.  One upcoming project is a long overdue and essential on-air/station wide systems upgrade, for which we have been collecting grants.  We are very close.  Thank you for your prayers.   

In His Service Together,

Dave Andrews-Dave Andrews
Station Manager
KJOL Radio/United Ministries

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